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"Good communication yields premium results"


Our client's input is our first concern. The following basic guidelines are intended to help us work best with you.


How will the print be used?


Every photograph is designed to serve a particular purpose.  The printing necessary for an image should vary according to its final purpose. For example:

Competition prints may need to be printed slightly deeper due to brightly-lit viewing circumstances.

Prints requiring retouching may be best served on a matte surface, slightly lighter and diffused.

Fine Art and Portfoliio Prints are generally guided by the photographer's personal style.  If it's not obvious, please let us know your final intent.


How will the image be cropped?

Include proof sheets (best option), proof prints or even a xerox copy whenever possible to designate the crop accurately.  If a full frame image is required, be sure to state this in the order.


What is the Image Area?

The image area is the size of the image portion of the print.  When pre-cut mats are used, let us know the opening size.  Typically, the image area will be printed slightly larger to ensure a proper fit in the opening of the mat.  Be specific.


What are the borders?

There are several borders to choose from:


    -plain white

    -thin key line (black line around the image area)

    -fake key line (when the image is not full frame)

    -bleed (no border- NOTE: image cannot be full frame)

    -fade away (no defined border, the images fades into white border)

NOTE: Please make sure your cropping, image size and border can be acheived on your desired paper size.  For example, if the image size is 8 x 8 and the paper is 8 x 10, there will be no border on two sides.  Make sure the crop and borders are compatible.  Check your requests thoroughly.  In the end, it saves us time and you money.


What about toning?

Toning can greatly enhance the mood and intensity of a print.  Often results can be radically different depending on which paper is used.  For instance selenium toned variable-contrast Oriental Paper will enhance longetivity, yet only deepen blacks and color slightly.  Please inquire about the many dual toning and special effects possibilities.  When asking for toning, please indicate "deeper" or "lighter".  If you are unsure about which materials would best serve your needs, we are glad to make a recommendation!


When and Where?

When ordering, let us know of any specific deadlines.  We generally follow a five work day turn-around for prints and a two day turn-around for film processing.  Depending on the demands of a job and lab capacity, some orders will take longer.  We do accept rush orders.  If the print must be shipped, we use 2 day Fed-Ex unless otherwise specified.


A Note On Letting Robert "Do His Thing"

Creative freedom to enhance your final prints is always welcomed.  This freedom will allow Robert to consider the negative quality and image content in order to use the appropriate papers, toners, manipulations, borders etc. However, for Robert's vision not to conflict with the photographer's expectations, some general information should be included.  Simple examples, "I tend to like lighter/darker prints", "I like/do not like deeply toned prints", "I prefer glossy/matte paper", "I like my prints to be flatter/more contrasty" and so forth...

**If misinformation is given (or no direction) then it should be understood that your expectations and Robert's input may ultimately conflict.  To avoid reprint charges clear, initial communication is imperative.




"Best assurance of a good print is a properly exposed and accurately developed negative"


Attributes we consider: grain, sharpness, film speed and proper handling

 What Speed?

Critical to processing is knowing the ASA the film was shot.

What Conditions?

Knowing the general lighting or environmental conditions your film was shot can be useful.  This is especially true for push/pull processing.  Polaroids are always welcomed and will be returned to you.

Proof Sheets?

Unless otherwise specified, we cut negatives in strips of six frames.  We offer proofs on 8.5 x 11 fiber paper unless you request your film to be left un-cut.

Digital Retouching?

Digital Retouching is now offered.  For more details please contact Robert at 323-664-0702.


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